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Vortex High Performance Framing System

 The most important evolution in internal framing construction in 50 years.

Skyscrapers often creak and groan in the wind. Loudly!

It keeps apartment residents awake at night and it terrifies unsuspecting hotel guests. Creaking noises have been recorded at more than 70dB and sometimes the noise pattern goes on for hours. It happens in old buildings and in brand new buildings, but there is virtually no data or research material available on why it occurs.

Studco Australia has conducted world-first research into creaking buildings and has developed breakthrough innovation designed to eliminate tension creaking in internal framing systems for walls and ceilings. Initial trial installations in 2017 in two different 70 story apartment towers has conclusively proven the performance of the new Vortex High-Performance Framing System from Studco. Apartment residents love Vortex.

As we continue to builder higher than ever before, builders and developers continue to spend millions of dollars attempting to rid defective buildings of creaks and groans, for the improved comfort of the occupants. Yet without research or a proven solution, the defects continue to occur and the costs continue to mount. Studco Vortex now offers the global skyscraper construction market a genuine solution with validated results.

Never experienced a building creaking? Listen now...

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Vortex is a fully fire-rated framing system

Tested and certified to AS 1530.2-2014 for FRL --/60/60 and FRL --/90/90 inter-tenancy walls and corridor partitions in apartments, both with and without mid-wall noggings.

Dobbs Doherty Certificate No.: 18414

Technical assessment and performance solution of products for compliance under the National Construction Code of Australia.



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Votex Case Study

Case Study

Vortex Product List

Product List

Vortex Specification


Vortex CAD Files

CAD Files

Vortex Research Paper

Research Paper


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Vortex Training Programs for Architects

Studco is committed to changing construction through innovation. Architects can obtain important knowledge-based training about the new Vortex framing system, through our informal on-site product training presentations or via an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The 1 hour sessions are delivered Australia-wide by Studco’s experienced building solutions technicians.

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Vortex Tracks

Studco Vortex Segmented Rebate Track

 Vortex Clips2

Studco Vortex Stud Isolation Clip



Practical and Buildable2Practical & Buildable

Easy to handle and can be installed using regular building practices. No special skilled labour required 

Affordable2 Economical Solution

Works with standard stud and track components. Cost-effective solution compared to alternative options

Foolproof2Foolproof Installation 

Overcomes likelihood of incorrect installation and simple visual checking process for installation quality

Fire Rated2 Fire Rated 

Suitable for all walls, Fire-tested to 90 minutes for inter-tenancy walls and common areas

Code Compliant2Code Compliant 

Complies with all relevant standards and building codes for high-rise and medium-rise buildings

Specified 2 Specified 

Now the preferred internal framing option for commercial builders & architects

Independant Testing2Independent Testing

Performance of the Vortex framing system has been independently verified by Deakin University 

Proven Performance2Proven Performance

Real-life installations have conclusively proven that Vortex can eliminate creaking in internal partition walls  

Project Support 2Project Support 

Our Vortex framing system comes with complete technical support, including engineering and site instructions 

"Our apartment creaked a lot before. We replaced the walls with the Vortex System from Studco and the problem has disappeared."

S. Volker, Melbourne, Australia



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