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Leaders in Innovative Building Products

Studco Building Systems® is a global provider of engineered innovative green building products for wall, ceiling, and architectural finishing systems that provide the highest quality and superior solution.

Our range of high performing steel stud framing and concealed ceiling systems; include the revolutionary Vortex High-Performance Framing System, SlimCeil®, and HEDA® Jamb Systems. Additionally, we are the manufacturers of the EZ Concept range including the world-renowned EzyJamb® and EzyPelmet Flush Finish Systems.

By using the filters below you can confidently navigate through a range of acoustic, wall, ceiling, façade systems, and much more.

Find all of the product information you require for your next project and feel confident in the quality of Studco Building Systems.



Your one-stop shop for steel stud wall framing. Studco wall framing systems are designed to provide the ideal solution for a variety of applications. From internal steel stud wall framing for plasterboard framing systems, to anti-creaking steel framing systems and curved track for building curved walls; Studco has the framing system to suit your requirements.

Our technical team are also offer engineering services to cover all aspects of documentation and inspection for installations in various areas including, but not limited to: seismic, fire-rated, load-bearing and acoustic wall and ceiling solutions.